Audio/Video Stream Distribution

Audio/Video Stream Distribution

Reach new CATV networks and other distributors throughout the TurkIX network coverage by using self-management system and relying on 100% security

The Audio/Video Stream Distribution Service is used for contribution of content - TV, radio channels, or other mutlicast streams – to be distributed via the TurkIX multicast infrastructure. Clients for this service are TV or radio channel broadcasters, members of TurkIX. By means of this service they provide their content to other members in TurkIX, globally, with guaranteed quality.


> Easy to connect to new customers in the TurkIX market place.

> Security and control via a web based provisioning system.

> Enough capacity to carry all your channels over a single port connection.


> Web based Provisioning System with authorized access.

> The service is provided on a TurkIX Primary Port.

> Notification of problems, registration and recommendation for resolving them.

> 24x7x365 service monitoring and support by TurkIX's Network Operations Center (NOC).

> Service Level Agreement (SLA).