Route Server Policies

About Route Server

The Route Server (RS) is used to facilitate interconnection between multiple Internet routers. It is a network service that reduces the number of individually configured peering sessions between TurkIX participants. TurkIX operates two geographically diverse Route Servers for resilience.

Start Using Route Server

Route Server 1

AS Number: 209246

IPv4 address:

IPv6 address: 2001:7f8:d6::1


Route Server Policy

Two policy groups are present:

Basic Routing Policy

> 209246:209246 -announce prefix to all members

> 209246:peer-as - announce prefix to AS peer-as

> 0:209246 - block announcement of prefix to all members

> 0:peer-as - block announcement of prefix to AS peer-as

Extra Routing Policy

> peer-as:999 - announce prefix with well-known community no-export

> 209246:65000 - set local preference 0

> 209246:65050 - set local preference 50