Global Internet Exchange

Global Internet Exchange (GIX)

Exchange Internet peering traffic with all TurkIX members. You determine your involvement and peering policy by using BGP attributes.

The service is designed to facilitate the interconnection between all members across Layer 2 access technology, usually described as a shared fabric. It allows multiple carriers to interconnect through a physical port and exchange Internet peering traffic - both IPv4 and IPv6. Peering is implemented in a common public VLAN by establishing one BGP session with the TurkIX Route Servers.


> Interconnection between various members and shared traffic between multiple networks through a single port and BGP session with two Route Servers.

> Easily scalable service – increase your capacity quickly as you needs grow.

> Self administration of traffic and peering connections.

> Increasing value in time - as more members join, more opportunities for peering arise.

> Exchange traffic with all Members, CDNs and IXPs connected.

> We constantly add more peers/content, while the port fee stays the same.


> The service is provided on a TurkIX Primary Port.

> Each Member has to set a BGP session up with two TurkIX Route Servers using a IPv4 or/and IPv6 address provided by TurkIX.

> Notification of problems, registration and recommendation for resolving them.

> 24x7x365 service monitoring and support by TurkIX's Network Operations Center (NOC).

> Service Level Agreement (SLA).